This scheme allows us to recognise competence in training on subjects relating to quality and accountability. It includes consultants and others who offer training. Independent consultants who are approved trainers are listed below.

Approved trainers must have completed a CHS Training of Trainer to be recognized as approved trainers on the CHS, or gone through our SEA Investigation training programme, to be recognized as approved trainers on PSEAH/Investigation. In addition, they need to have co-facilitated with us once, as trainee trainer, on either a CHS related training course, or a PSEAH/SEA Investigation training course.

Organisations are welcome to contact the approved trainers directly with training needs on these subjects. These trainers also provide the pool from which we refer organisations when we receive requests for training that we cannot meet ourselves.

CHS Alliance is currently revising the criteria and accessibility to its approved trainer scheme. The revised scheme will be published here in the course of February 2022.

For more information, please contact Geneviève Cyvoct.